Informed Consent For Anaesthesia: Are Our Patients Well Informed?
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Informed consent, Anaesthesia, Patients

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Embu, H. Y., Yilkudi, M. G., & Nuhu, S. I. (2019). Informed Consent For Anaesthesia: Are Our Patients Well Informed?. Journal of BioMedical Research and Clinical Practice, 2(1), 40-44. Retrieved from


Patients have the right to be properly informed about procedures to be undertaken on them so that they could make informed decisions. This study was done at the Jos University Teaching Hospital and the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital. Questionnaires on informed consent were administered postoperatively on patients who had undergone elective surgeries under various forms of anaesthesia. The questionnaires sought to find out how much information patients were given about their anaesthesia and how satisfied they were with the information given. 148 patients were interviewed. The mean age was 34.8±13.8 years and the male: female ratio was 1:1.8. Ninety-eight (66.22%) of the procedures were done under general anaesthesia and 50(33.78%) under regional anaesthesia. 104 (70.27%) were told about the type of anaesthesia to be used. Thirty-eight (25.68%) were not told of the possible side effects. Eighty-six (58.1%) understood the information given. 131(88.51%) believed it was necessary to be given information about the anaesthesia. Postoperative pain management was discussed with 10 (6.76%) of respondents. 104 (70.27%) expressed satisfaction with the information given. Information about anaesthesia was given by residents in anaesthesia in 62.16% of cases, by consultant anaesthetists in 8.78% cases, by surgeons in 10.81% of cases and by house officers and nurses in 14.19% of cases. Majority of patients would like information about their anaesthesia procedures but were inadequately informed. Consent for anaesthesia is often obtained by junior residents who have had little training in this aspect. Training on informed consent should be part of the residency program.

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