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Vol 2 No 1 (2019)
Published April 4, 2019
Anaesthetic and Surgical Experience from Joint Replacement Therapy

Editorial Preface

Welcome to the first issue of the second volume of the Journal of Biomedical Research and Clinical Practice in 2019. This issue goes by the title: Anaesthetic and Surgical Experience from Joint Replacement Therapy where the authors critically looked at operative outcomes of joint replacement surgeries using various anaesthesia procedures. The authors observed that regional anaesthesia techniques, spinal and combined spinal anaesthesia all produced good surgical outcomes with minimal blood loss with easy pain control. In another study, the authors looked at “optimization of biogas production and substrate to water for rural utilization” and concluded that both increase in pH and detention gave rise to proportionate rise in biogas production. These and many more well researched articles are packaged in this issue for you.

I most sincerely thank our reviewers across the globe for responding promptly to our requests that have made it possible to publish this issue on schedule. Finally, I also wish to thank my dedicated editors who took time to scrutinize each manuscript that successfully went through double-blind peer-review process to ascertain their suitability or otherwise for final inclusion in this issue.

Professor Godwin T Jombo

Original Article

I A Bako, J O. Anyanti, A Roca-Feltrer
Correlates of HIV Risky Sexual Behaviours in an Era of Antiretroviral Therapy Scale‐Up: A Cross-Sectional Study among the Adult General Population in Nasarawa State, Nigeria
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C G Oguzie, O A Lasebikan, C J Onyempka, D C Chukwumam, V C Asodike, C Mbalewe, C O Ihezie, S N Emdin
Cause and Effect Relationship of Body Weight and Knee Osteoarthritis: Experience from a Tertiary Institution in South-Eastern Nigeria
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A O Adeagbo, O E Omosanya, A O Ayodapo, O T Elegbede, O M Shabi
Knowledge of Salt intake and Blood Pressure Control among Hypertensive Patients in a Tertiary Hospital
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O D Damulak, E D Jatau, E Ekam, E Rumji, R Yakubu, B Ogunbiyi, T Abdulrazak, G N Chizoba
Blood Transfusion Service and Hospital Blood Rotation: The Implications on Transfusion Safety in Nigeria
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A Abdu, M S Umar, K Y Audi
Knowledge and Perception of Chronic Kidney Disease in a Semi-urban Community in North-east Nigeria
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S M Ibrahim, B M Aminu, H A Usman, U D Umaru, A A Kullima, B G Bako, M Bukar, B M Audu
Factors Influencing Husbands’ Involvement in Ante Natal Care Services in a Nigerian Urban Region
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H Y Embu, M G Yilkudi, S I Nuhu
Informed Consent For Anaesthesia: Are Our Patients Well Informed?
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B E Edem, O O Oku, M E Efu, D D Mue, I C Elachi
Anaesthetic and Surgical Experience from Joint Replacement Therapy in a Teaching Hospital in Makurdi, Nigeria
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A G Jiya, U J Ijah, M Galadima, U G Akpan
Optimisation of Biogas Production through Variation of PH, Detention Time and Ratio of Substrate to Water for Rural Utilization
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M U Iduh, F A Kuta, M E Abalaka, K O Shitu
Molecular Detection of Hepatitis C Virus amongst Patients in Five Selected Hospitals in Niger State, Nigeria
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A G Jiya, U JJ Ijah, M Galadima, U G Akpan
Isolation of Microorganisms Associated with Biodegradation of Household Domestic Wastes for Biogas Production in Niger State, Nigeria
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I Tor-Anyiin, T J Igbudu, S Tor-Agbidye
The Relationship between Intimate Partner Violence and Postpartum Depression in a North-Central State of Nigeria
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R D Oladeji, O Babatunde, I A Ajayi
Evaluation of Wound Healing Potential of Chrysophyllum albidum Hexane Seed Extract in Wistar Rat
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