Editorial Preface to the Inaugural Issue

Welcome to the website of The Journal of Biomedical Research & Clinical Practice (JBRCP). JBRCP is published by The Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi, chapter of The Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria (MDCAN).

I thank and congratulate, on behalf of the editorial board, all the authors whose manuscripts were found suitable for publication in the maiden edition of our journal. This was after going through painstakingly and a rigorous review process by our editors and assessors.  We most sincerely thank all our reviewers and colleagues across the globe for the interests shown in the journal and for the contributions which have shaped and re-shaped the quality of our articles.  

In this Maiden Edition of our journal entitled "Eyeball Biometrics On Computed Tomography In Makurdi", the author has established accurate eye ball dimensions in normal individuals using high resolution mechanisms for proper comparisons and interpretation of eye lesions. There is also a call to intensify on TB control and prevention among the IDPs in IDP camps in the country. Also in this edition we have interesting articles on: Orbito-ocular traumas, Klippel-Feil syndrome, and Emergency obstetric care. These & other interesting research topics covered in this issue have been listed below for our readers, researchers and academics.

Professor Godwin T. Jombo


Original Article

M T Agbir, M Oyigeya, M Audu, J Obindo, S Goar, C Piwuna, I Obekpa, C Nwoga, Y Maigari, F Tungchama, M Amedu, A Gyang
Correlates of Psychiatric Inpatients Length of Stay in North-Central Nigeria
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I T Annongu, H Mohammad, M Chia, K Chaha, G O Magaji
Baseline Eyeball Biometrics on Computed Tomography in Makurdi, North Central Nigeria
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K Chaha, T I Annongu, O Audu, TJ Igbudu, DN Gbanan
Pattern of Orbito-Ocular Traumas at the Benue State University Teaching Hospital- A 4-Year Retrospective Study
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C O Selo-ojeme, O Akinjola, A M Oyigeya, T M Agbir
Attitude towards substance abuse patients: an investigation of tertiary level mental health staff in Benue state Nigeria
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C N Nwoga, S J Dakwak, T M Agbir, M D Audu, S G Goar, F P Tungchama, F J Davou, K M Okonoda, J T Obindo, Y T Maigari
Functional Disability and Depression among Internally Displaced Persons in North-East Nigeria
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K E Oghagbon, I Nwannadi, G Achinge
Medical Students’ Perception of Learning Environment at Benue State University College of Health Sciences, Makurdi, North-Central Nigeria: Medical Students’ Perception of Learning Environment in Nigeria
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J E Ojobi, M O Ogiator, O B Anyim, M Abonyi
Profile, Bacteriology and Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Diabetic Foot Ulcers at Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi
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I H Shambe, V C Pam, M A Enokela, T A Oyebode, M D Gyang, B Z Gyang, E A Envuladu
Reasons for Choice of Place of Delivery among Women of Reproductive Age in a Semi urban Population in North-Central Nigeria: Choice of place of delivery among women of reproductive age
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M O Ochoga, R O Abah, A Idoko, J O Dabit, A Ebonyi, E S Okpe
Pattern of Diseases and Outcomes of Neonatal Admission in Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi, Nigeria: Pattern of Diseases and Outcomes of Neonatal Admission
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J A Ngbea, R A Vhritehire, B A Ojo, I O Akpor, T Nyaga, B A Ugbaje, T D Gyenger, O O Jegede
A Clinicopathologic Review of Fibroadenoma in Makurdi, North-Central Nigeria
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S G Goar, A B Gyang, F P Tungchama, Y T Maigari, M T Agbir, C N Nwoga, L I Bamidele
Psychiatric Morbidity and Patterns of Inpatient Referral to the Consultation-Liaison Unit of Jos University Teaching Hospital, North-Central Nigeria
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D O Ochalefu, H A Abu, E OO Amali, A S Agada, I E Alonyenu
Changes in Biochemical Parameters in Human immunodeficiency virus Infected Patients: A Pre-Treatment Study
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Case Report

H Mohammad, I T Annongu, D D Mue, D M Chia, R O Abah, O Magaji
Klippel-Feil Syndrome: A Review of Literature and Case Report
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